What are the benefits of choosing SLA 3d printing, and when to choose it?

SLA or Stereolithography is advanced manufacturing technology. It is from the vat photopolymerization family.

This 3D printing process uses a moving laser beam controlled by the computer. This 3D printing process often generates concept models, rapid cosmetic prototypes, etc.

Stereolithography parts can be designed using a wide range of materials, along with the exceptionally high-end feature. This advanced feature has made the 3D printing technique extremely popular and cost-effective.

3D printing technology is based mainly on three advanced technologies. These technologies are SLA, DLP, and LCD. The prime difference between SLA and the other two technologies is that SLA uses UV lasers as its light source for selective curing of a polymer resin.

SLA is one of the popular vat photopolymerization technologies. This technology generates objects by curing polymer resin layer after layer, and this process uses the Ultraviolet laser beam.

Photosensitive thermoset polymers that come in the liquid form get used in SLA printing. Here we can check the benefits of SLA 3d printing.

  • It helps to create a smooth surface finish. It is mainly possible due to applying a UV laser or transparent LCD.
  • It offers a very high-dimensional accuracy, but it contains intricate details.
  • This 3D printing technology can print complex patterns along with varied geometrical patterns.
  • This technology proved to be the best to use for miniatures.
  • This advanced printing technology is ideal for visual prototypes.
  • It takes a short printing time, and no need to wait for a long time to solidify the resin.
  • This technology offers a variety of material choices. These materials are clear, flexible, and castable resins.
  • This 3D printing is easily portable. Moreover, it helps in giving a compact design.

We hope the above discussion briefly explained SLA 3D printing and its benefits. Are you looking for a trusted company to offer superior SLA 3d printing services? If yes, we recommend getting in touch with the HLH Prototypes team. The experts here will brief you about the steps of SLA 3 D printing and offer quality services.


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