From Earbuds to Bumpers: The Versatile World of HLH Proto LTD Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes for low-volume, high-quality rubber or plastic parts. Here at HLH Proto, we customize each mold to meet the unique requirements and specifications of every project. Plus, we help you save time and money by manufacturing your mold in-house using our CNC machining or SLA 3D printing service.

Also known as urethane casting, the process involves making a mold based on your part or product’s design and then introducing molten metal or plastic into it while under a vacuum. The result is a detailed, uniform part with optimum dimensional accuracy and a great surface finish. In addition, vacuum casting can deliver parts of any size, from small earbuds to 2m-long bumpers. We also offer a wide range of materials to help you cast any part without sacrificing quality, performance, function, aesthetics, and safety.

Build production-like prototypes

With urethane casting, you don’t have to worry about producing flimsy prototypes for testing. At HLH Proto, we support small-scale prototyping runs while ensuring a quick and cost-effective manufacturing process. Urethane casting is less expensive and faster than injection molding, especially for low-volume production. This is because it doesn’t involve the lead time and cost of production tooling. Despite this, the process delivers production-grade prototypes.


Vacuum casting allows greater repeatability without compromising accuracy, making it ideal for applications that require precise dimensions. Plus, it can cast intricate parts. As long as your parts won’t be subjected to intense pressure or heat, consider urethane casting to save time and money in prototyping or low-volume end-use manufacturing.

Below are examples of the industrial applications that can benefit from our cast urethane parts:

  • Automotive industry: Door handles, dashboards, and functional components like air vents and light covers.
  • Medical and healthcare: Components, enclosures, equipment casings, custom orthopedic devices.
  • Consumer electronics: Enclosures for laptops, smartphones, switches, buttons, and prototypes for wearable tech.
  • Food and beverage: Prototypes of packaging.
  • Aerospace: Interior cabin parts, vents, air ducts, and non-structural parts like enclosures and covers.

Get a quote for our vacuum casting service and discover how it can benefit your next project.


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