Complete overview of CNC rapid prototyping and how it works

Rapid prototyping can be described as a process that generates or manufactures a dummy product. It tests the functionality and possible chances of failure before starting final production. This process can be done using various advanced methods. The top rapid prototyping is:

  • Digital CAD/CAM prototypes
  • 3D printed prototypes
  • Fabricated functional prototypes
  • CNC rapid prototyping

From the above methods, CNC is undoubtedly the best one.

Rapid prototyping is the fast fabrication process of a physical part or model developed using a 3D computer. The entire task of creating the model is done using additive manufacturing. It is also famous for 3D printing.

Process of CNC rapid prototyping

There are various steps which are involved in CNC rapid prototyping. The steps include.

  • Design Ideations- Design ideation appears to be the first or the primary step in CNC – RP. Here in this process, the product designers or product engineers generate multiple designs for the product.
  • 3D- File Generation- CNC RP’s next step is developing 3D files, which relies on CAD designs. Here the selected designs are converted into a 3D file. These 3D files define all dimensions, characteristics, features, and necessary aesthetical specifications.
  • Production sequence identification- Identifying every feature happens once the 3D file gets generated using the machining process. Then, the sequences of necessary manufacturing steps are measured to create the prototype using an all-in-one CNC machining cycle.
  • CNC programing- CNC program is given to the CNC machine to build a sequence of CNC production processes and instructions related to tool operation. This program consists of G-codes and M-codes, and these programs guide the CNC machine in selecting the best tools.
  • Prototyping – CNC program is set in the control panel as soon as the CNC program is ready. Here the workpiece is set on the tool, and the machine is placed in the proper operation mode.
  • Testing- The last process is testing. This process enables to testing of the functionality.

CNC rapid prototyping is a strategic process. It needs the involvement of skilled staff to make process identification, CNC programming, and CNC operations. Therefore, we recommend you get in touch with the experts of HLH Proto LTD.


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