Efficient Metal 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping: Bring Your Designs to Life with Ease

Most of us familiar with 3D printing are likely to associate the process with prototyping plastic parts. However, technologies like DMLS make it more versatile for creating prototypes of metal parts. Metal 3D printing rapid prototyping is a crucial aspect of your product life cycle, especially when designing new metal parts or products. Using direct metal laser sintering, we can bring your ideas and designs to life quickly and easily at a reasonable cost.

Why choose DMLS 3D printing?

Direct metal laser sintering is one of the widely used industrial 3D printing technologies for prototyping and low-volume end-use production of metal parts. Its process is similar to selective laser sintering (SLS 3D printing), only this time, it crafts objects from various metals one layer at a time.

Like SLS, it uses powdered material and sinters them together. As such, metal 3D printing rapid prototyping can realize objects with complex features and overhangs, even without support structures. Additionally, it’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to create highly complex metal parts, which are almost impossible or too costly to make using other manufacturing methods.

A developing but proven 3D printing technology

Like most innovative 3D printing technologies, direct metal laser sintering shows plenty of potential for many applications as it continues to be understood and improved. Today, it is known for offering a range of advantages. For one, it can create metal parts with complex geometries faster than traditional manufacturing methods. Plus, it uses powdered metals with dynamic and strong mechanical properties, making the process suitable for building end-use parts.

You need a dependable 3D printing partner.

To benefit from metal 3D printing rapid prototyping, we recommend partnering with an experienced service provider like us. That way, you can experience rapid turnaround to speed up your innovation and time to market. Plus, you can use DMLS 3D printing to make assemblies in one piece.

Allow us to bring your designs to life now!

Choose us as your metal 3D printing rapid prototyping partner! Our team at HLH Proto can review your project at no extra cost and provide design tips to help you make the most of our DMLS 3D printing service.


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