Mastering Complexity: Vacuum Pressure Casting with HLH Proto Ltd

Using production-grade parts for prototyping can improve your product development process. With better-quality components, you can easily test and verify their performance in the real world before you proceed to end-use production.

Our vacuum pressure casting service at HLH Proto is designed to provide just that. We specialize in producing cast urethanes that match production-quality standards without the extensive lead time or costs associated with production tooling. Whether you’re creating small gadgets or large automotive parts, our service meets your needs with precision and flexibility. Leveraging our vast experience in vacuum pressure casting, we can produce a wide array of items — from custom headphones to car bumpers — using a wide selection of materials.

How we work

As soon as you engage our experts about our vacuum casting service, we will analyze your project requirements and provide a quote. If you agree to our price and terms, we will start building the master model using SLA 3D printing or CNC machining.

After preparing the model, we pour liquid silicone around it and leave it to cure. After dying, we cut the master from the mold, leaving the cavity. Then, we pour the resin into the cavity to make a production-like replica.

Great for complex parts

Our vacuum pressure casting service is perfect for making low-volume prototypes and rubber parts for rapid iterations and market testing. Cast urethanes deliver self-colored, production-like parts to eliminate or minimize the need for post-processing and additional treatments. If you choose us as your service provider, you will only need a low upfront investment to get started.


Vacuum casting is a versatile manufacturing solution for rapid prototyping. Low-cost tooling allows us to make your parts quickly and cost-effectively without compromising quality. And since it uses molding, it can produce thousands to millions of identical parts quickly. At HLH Proto, our cast urethanes comply with a range of certifications and industries, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and IATF 16949.

We’re ready to be your vacuum casting partner!

Contact us for a quote on our vacuum pressure casting service. Our team can also offer design tips to make your project more suitable for our manufacturing technologies.


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