The Advantages of Die Casting in Industrial Applications

Our die-casting services at HLH Proto offer a fast, cost-effective, and precise solution for high-volume metal part production, eliminating the need to seek additional finishing options elsewhere. Similar to injection molding, die casting involves the use of a mold tool specifically for creating metal parts, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our in-house team of engineers expert and toolmakers is ready to customize die-casting services to fit your specific requirements. Once we’ve built the custom mold, we mount it onto a die-casting press and inject molten metal under high pressure into the tool cavity. As the metal parts cool, we’re prepared to apply various finishing techniques (including anodizing and powder coating) to achieve the desired aesthetic look for your components.

How our service benefits industrial applications

Our  die-casting services  are practical for various industries and applications, such as:

  • Automotive : Die casting can make durable transmission cases, cylinder heads, and engine blocks.
  • Aerospace: We have many customers from aerospace companies that need custom metal parts for spacecraft and aircraft.
  • Electrical: Die-cast parts are suitable for electrical components, like circuit breakers, panel boards, and switchgear.

Apart from these, many other industries rely on die casting as a versatile manufacturing solution for making custom parts and products for the medical, furniture, and construction industries. At HLH Proto, we can modify our process to meet low to mid-volume metal part production, no matter how simple or complex the design.

More die-casting benefits

Our die-casting services offer the following benefits to industrial applications:

  • Fast production : Die casting lets you save time because it is a repeatable process and delivers accurate results every time.
  • Cost savings : At HLH Proto, we offer a lower cost per part with our die-casting service.
  • Customizable : We can configure the process for more complex and larger parts while ensuring appropriate surface finishes or treatments.

Our die-casting services  are certified ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001, meaning you can count on us to make your parts while meeting global standards. Contact us here at HLH Proto to get a quote so we can get started on your project soon.


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