How to Enhance Your Manufacturing Capabilities with 3D Printing and CNC Machining

Additive manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) has revolutionized the prototyping and production of end-use parts and assemblies. However, despite this innovation, traditional manufacturing technologies remain invaluable. At HLH Proto, we often blend cutting-edge and time-tested methods such as additive and CNC printing to achieve the best results. This combination proves superior for certain projects and enhances overall manufacturing capabilities. Let us explain how integrating these solutions can elevate your production process:

Faster results

Although you can make prototypes from CAD files in injection molding, 3D printing offers creative flexibility to improve designs along the way. Engineers and designers leverage these processes with CAM or CAD files for additive manufacturing. After improving their design with additive printing, they  can apply machining to enhance the part.

Save money

Manufacturing companies want to cut production costs, especially when making low-volume parts. 3D printing can help because it reduces lead times and the cost to make prototypes and end-use parts. It lets them use materials that might be impossible or difficult to work with in CNC machining. Newer 3D printers can even combine materials in pellet and liquefied form to deliver parts with equal capabilities and strength to machined ones. In addition, combining these processes allows companies to use low-cost materials and cut them accurately with CNC technology . 

Meet functional accuracy and tolerance requirements.

At HLH Proto, we adhere to DIN-2768-1 standards for CNC machining, applying the Medium tolerance level for plastics and the Fine level for metals to guarantee superior accuracy in every project. This precision allows our machines to achieve an accuracy of 0.025 mm , making them ideal for parts that demand the most exacting, detailed specifications.

Combining additive printing with CNC machining can deliver accurate parts. 3D printing can be used for prototyping and improving the part’s design until it’s ready for CNC machining to create the end-use product. This ensures accuracy and quality while reducing prototyping times.

Allow us to enhance your manufacturing capabilities.

With HLH Proto as your manufacturing partner, you don’t have to look further for additive printing or CNC machining services because we specialize in both.


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