The Role of 3D Printing Prototype Services in Product Development

Do you need a quick prototype without compromising accuracy and quality? At HLH Proto, we use the most reliable manufacturing technologies to meet these criteria, including FDM 3D printing, which is ideal for both prototyping and end-use production.

Despite the versatility of Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), it’s sometimes underestimated, with some assuming it’s only suitable for creating basic prototypes. Here at HLH Proto, we utilize FDM 3D printing for a broad spectrum of applications — from automotive to aerospace parts —  showcasing its adaptability for any project. When you’re developing a new product, our FDM 3D printing service can produce a physical model of your design, allowing you to thoroughly assess its performance, characteristics, and safety.

How does FDM work?

FDM 3D printing is great for rapid prototyping because it delivers high-quality parts quickly and cost-effectively right from your digital file. The printing process is highly automated and involves minimal human intervention. To make your product, the 3D printer melts, extrudes, and deposits a filament onto the print bed and crafts the object one layer at a time.

Despite its simplicity, FDM can be versatile and suitable for making prototypes of medical devices, automotive parts, and specialized manufacturing tools. By engaging our experts, you can leverage the technology to get end-use parts, too.

How does it help your project?

Prototyping with 3D printing simplifies the product development process by allowing you to make multiple iterations before you move to the final production tooling. This can prevent costly mistakes and safety issues before introducing new products to the market. FDM 3D printing can produce prototypes using materials with similar properties to the end-use version, allowing product designers and engineers to test and verify their products in real-life situations.

Changing product design

At HLH Proto, we offer FDM 3D printing and other additive manufacturing technologies to change how you design and verify your products. We promise rapid turnaround, even when printing complex parts. Plus, we offer various high-performance plastics when you need weather-resistant parts.

Contact us here at HLH Proto for a quote on our fused deposition modeling services. Our team is ready to work with you to improve your product development process.


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