Various Processes of Metal Casting Service

Metal casting lets you build custom prototypes and parts by pouring molten metal into a mold. Then, the metal is left to cool and harden into the mold’s shape. That makes a metal casting service worth considering if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to create a custom piece instead of machining the part from a block or billet of metal.

You’ll find many metal casting methods available today, and your choice can depend on the complexity of your design, the size and type of product you’re building, and the metals you want. Die casting is one of the widely used reusable metal casting methods. That means the mold is reusable for creating several items, making it cost-effective for low-volume production.

About die casting

Pressure die casting makes it possible to create high-volume metal parts in magnesium, zinc, or aluminum. Reputable manufacturers can deliver precision services, finishing options, and post-process machining to create high-quality die-cast tools.

The metal casting service is similar to injection molding but for building metal parts. The mold tool is carefully designed and manufactured by experienced toolmakers and engineers. It is then installed on the die-casting press before injecting the molten metal into it.

Molten metal is injected under pressure to fill the tool cavity efficiently. After the metal part has cooled, it can be finished in different ways, such as anodizing and powder coating.

The benefits

Die casting delivers a lower cost per part while ensuring accuracy and repeatable results. The results have a good surface finish that can undergo further processing to achieve your desired aesthetics. The metal casting service is versatile for manufacturing larger and more complex parts and low to mid-volume part production.

Check your design

It’s essential to have a proper draft to produce a consistent part without surface defects and warping. The draft should depend on the tool design and the part, but if you’re unsure, the metal casting service provider can review your project and provide tips.


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