Understand the Technology of Rapid Prototyping through Metal 3D Printing

One common misconception about 3D printing is that it is limited to producing plastic parts. But actually, advancements such as DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) have made it possible to create high-quality metal prototypes using 3D printing technology. This makes metal 3D printing a compelling alternative to other metal fabrication methods like sheet metal and CNC machining.

Metal 3D printing, particularly DMLS, is an industrial rapid prototyping solution that works similarly to selective laser sintering (SLS). It builds parts by sintering powdered metals layer by layer, allowing for the creation of highly complex metal components that would be difficult or prohibitively expensive to produce using traditional methods.

DMLS 3D printing is a rapidly evolving technology with growing potential for use in both rapid prototyping and end-use manufacturing. It offers a range of benefits:

Achieve metal parts with complex geometries

Most traditional manufacturing techniques require more resources to build metal prototypes. Besides, they might not be able to achieve complex geometries. If you’re in a hurry and want to save money and time, choose metal 3D printing for rapid prototyping. DMLS 3D printing builds parts out of powdered metals, so there is no need for support structures, even for odd-shaped areas and other complex features.

Enhanced strength

High-quality powdered metals have the best dynamic and mechanical properties to make production-like metal parts for your prototyping stage. This way, it is easier to analyze, test, and verify designs when you know how they perform in the real world.

Increased efficiency

Metal 3D printing defies conventional guidelines in design-for-manufacturing. That means it can build designs in a single piece instead, unlike other methods that require building parts in assemblies.

Faster turnaround

Metal 3D printing meets rapid prototyping requirements because the finished parts won’t require tooling anymore. This way, it shortens manufacturing lead times from weeks to a few days, allowing speed to market and faster innovation.

Build metal prototypes with DMLS 3D printing

Find out how metal 3D printingcan benefit your rapid prototyping needs here at HLH Proto. Contact us for a quote or request a project review. Our team will work with you to meet your design requirements.


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