Understand How HLH Proto’s Expertise in Sheet Metal Bending can Enhance Product Design

Sheet metal is an incredibly versatile material used in manufacturing various products, including metal components, enclosures, housings, weldments, and assemblies. It is also a cost-effective option for creating high-quality prototypes. Whether designing a single prototype or low- to mid-volume models, you can rely on HLH Proto’s expertise in sheet metal bending to support your product design process.

Bending is a fundamental technique to manipulate and shape sheet metal into the desired geometry. At HLH Proto, we specialize in sheet metal bending and utilize this process to form aluminum, steel, and stainless-steel parts precisely tailored to your specific requirements. In addition to bending, we offer a range of other capabilities, such as laser cutting, welding, punching, and staking, enabling us to manufacture metal prototypes in any shape or configuration you need.

With our sheet metal bending expertise and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, HLH Proto can deliver high-quality, customized sheet metal prototypes for your product development needs.

We can enhance your product design.

Thousands of companies worldwide trust us for their sheet metal bending requirements because we add more value to their product design and prototyping process. How? We use production-grade materials that are durable and reliable. Plus, we can customize the finish of your metal parts to meet aesthetic requirements.

Precision and adherence to design requirements are crucial when prototyping with sheet metal. We offer many materials at HLH Proto to meet your specific needs. We provide many sheet metal options, including stainless steel, cold-rolled steel, copper, spring steel, aluminum, and iron. Each material can be obtained in various grades, such as electro-galvanized steel and red copper.

Create accurate prototypes

Our years of experience in sheet metal bending allow us to meet a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Enclosures: Sheet metal is more cost-effective and versatile than other materials when manufacturing enclosures of distinct shapes, including consoles and rack mounts.
  • Brackets: We fabricate sheet metal to make corrosion-resistant brackets, including all fasteners and hardware for your enclosures and assemblies.
  • Chassis: No matter the equipment size, our expert team can manipulate sheet metal to build the chassis required with accurate and precise hole alignment.

Leave sheet metal manufacturing to us!

Experience our expertise in sheet metal bending by connecting with us today! The HLH Proto team is ready to review your project and provide a free quote.


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