HLH Proto’s Leadership in FDM 3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

There’s a misconception that fused deposition modeling (FDM) is only suitable for basic models and prototypes. In reality, FDM 3D printing is incredibly versatile and capable of producing parts for high-demand industries like automotive and aerospace.

HLH Proto can efficiently deliver precise FDM 3D-printed parts for rapid prototyping. Our process is streamlined, with a standard lead time of just 6 business days (as FDM doesn’t require any tooling). This efficiency ensures that our customers receive their prototypes quickly, aiding in speeding up their product development and market entry.

Why HLH Proto stands out in FDM 3D printing

HLH Proto distinguishes itself as a leader in fused deposition modeling for rapid prototyping thanks to these key factors:

Capability for large-scale production

Our facility can handle large build volumes, up to 24” x 36” x 36”, making it possible to accommodate projects of varying sizes. We pride ourselves on producing strong, dependable parts that meet diverse application needs.

Wide selection of materials

We offer FDM-printed parts in a range of plastics, including PLA (generic resin), TPU (toughness resin 95A), ABS or PC (rigid resin), and ASA (anti-UV). This broad selection of high-performance plastics allows us to cater to the most demanding applications with durable parts.

Expertise in complex geometries

For parts that are too intricate or expensive to produce with CNC machining, FDM 3D printing is an excellent alternative. Our technique enables the creation of custom parts with unique features or shapes, all while keeping costs in check.

Start your project with HLH Proto.

Reach out to HLH Proto today for a detailed quote on our FDM 3D printing services. Our experienced team is also on hand to guide you in designing your part specifically for fused deposition modeling, ensuring you get the most out of your rapid prototyping project.


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