FDM 3D Printing: Quality Prototyping at Competitive Prices

Fused deposition modeling or FDM 3D printing is a well-known and widely used additive manufacturing technology due to its versatility. However, people often misunderstand how it works and believe it is only suitable for creating basic models and prototypes. FDM can produce high-quality parts that meet the requirements of demanding applications, such as those in the automotive and aerospace industries. Despite its capabilities, FDM 3D printing remains cost-effective and offers a faster turnaround, particularly when outsourced to a reliable rapid prototyping company in China.

Understanding the process

FDM 3D printing involves extruding materials through a nozzle to join them and create a three-dimensional object based on your CAD. The standard process uses thermoplastics as pellets or filaments. As such, the FDM 3D printer takes polymer-based filaments and feeds them through the heated nozzle to melt them before applying them in two-dimensional layers on its build platform. The layers fuse while still warm, eventually generating the three-dimensional object.

Competitively priced 3D printing

Fused deposition modeling is considered the simplest method to 3D-print prototypes and end-use parts because it is reasonably efficient and accessible. It uses printers that function more straightforwardly, and the process is comparatively cheaper than powder-based 3D printing.

Benefits for your project

FDM 3D printing can benefit your project in many ways, especially when provided by top service providers. It offers a selection of high-performance plastics to suit many applications, allowing you to produce reliable parts that resist the elements and withstand specific conditions. Manufacturers can also deliver large build volumes with complex geometries without compromising lead times.

Parts produced via FDM 3D printing do not require tooling, reducing lead times from weeks to days. That means you can innovate faster and reduce your time to market. FDM can realize parts with features that are too expensive or complicated to produce by CNC machining, allowing you to save money while accurately achieving your design.


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