MJF 3D Printing by HLH Proto: Create Strong and Durable Prototypes

HLH Proto offers MJF 3D printing, a game-changing additive manufacturing technology by HP.

Like SLS, MJF 3D printing uses powdered nylon and a bed fusion system to build high-quality functional prototypes. And because of its speed, it can also fulfill low-volume manufacturing runs. With HLH Proto, you can get your parts in full color or black. This significantly reduces the need to post-process your parts by painting. However, you can also ask them to sand-blast or smooth out the parts.

Scale as you go

Scalability is one of the biggest advantages of HLH Proto’s MJF 3D printing services. You can easily adjust your production volume, whether you require a few parts at a time or hundreds or dozens of pieces. What’s more, HLH Proto can ship the results in 3 to 4 days. This way, you can speed up your time to market and design iterations.

Build accurate parts quickly.

You don’t have to worry if your design has complex geometries and details. HLH Proto can produce them with MJF 3D printing at no additional cost. That’s because the 3D printing process uses powdered thermoplastics and can quickly build parts with fine feature resolutions, intricate mechanical properties, and high tensile strength. As such, MJF 3D printing has become the go-to rapid prototyping solution for many industrial applications, particularly those that require functional prototypes with complex and organic geometries and consistent isotropic mechanical properties.

Allow us to help with your part production needs.

We can build your prototypes and end-use parts on demand! HLH Proto has the solutions to increase your throughput and save you time, so request a quote today so we can review your project at no cost. We can also recommend other prototyping technologies that may be suitable for your project, depending on your requirements.


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