Things You Should Know About Metal Casting Services

Metal casting is a type of metalworking that uses mold and liquid metal to create custom objects. Throughout history, it was used to craft a wide array of items such as wind turbines and swords. Nowadays, the metal casting service is a versatile and valuable means for creating high-quality custom metal parts.  

If you’re considering it for your next project, it makes sense to know more about it and its variants to determine if it is right for you. Here are the things you should know about metal casting services: 

Metal casting: definition 

Simply put, metal casting is the fabrication or manufacturing process where molten liquid metal is poured into a custom mold. When the molten metal cools and solidifies, it should take the shape of the part, and then it is removed from the mold. 

The metal casting service is customizable to make it possible to create parts using your preferred metals. Molds, patterns, and filling techniques vary between the different varieties. And while metal casting is versatile, the cast parts are often subject to specific design constraints. Engineers must consider unavoidable occurrences, like metal shrinkage during cooling. 

What’s involved ? 

The metal casting process involves the following steps: 

· Building the pattern 

· Building the core

· Creating the mold

· Part removal

· Post-processing 

A typical metal casting process will involve those steps. However, some steps may be added or omitted from it, based on the metal casting service you choose. 

Types of metal casting services 

There are four main kinds of metal casting processes: die casting, gravity casting, sand casting, and investment casting. Die casting is a vital metal casting service for building intricate and detailed parts. It uses two reusable tool steel dies for tooling. The process is similar to injection molding in which the molten material is forced into a cavity at high pressure. This way, finely detailed parts come out with an excellent surface finish. 

You can learn more about metal casting and die casting by consulting with a trusted service provider.


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