Mastery in Manufacturing: CNC Prototyping Techniques with HLH Proto

Newer rapid prototyping technologies are available today, but many manufacturers still prefer tried-and-true manufacturing methods like CNC machining. CNC prototyping delivers robust, high-quality parts quickly from a wide range of plastics and metals. With an experienced manufacturing partner like HLH Proto, businesses can access different processes and techniques with our vast selection of high-precision CNC mills, surface grinding machines, lathes, sink and wire EDMs, and more. Plus, we offer the best prototyping solutions under one roof to help our clients save time.

At HLH Proto, we control tolerances to international standards, specifically DIN-2768-1 Medium for plastics and Fine for metals, to ensure precision each time. We offer a vast range of blocks and billets of materials, including steel, zinc alloy, and aluminum for metals and PMMA, PET, PVC, and PC for plastics.

CNC prototyping solutions

We offer the following CNC prototyping techniques for a wide range of projects:

CNC turning

Turning is an ideal CNC process when parts require rounded surfaces. The process rotates the part during machining to achieve the desired shape. During manufacturing, the material is firmly clamped on a rotating mandrel or plate so it spins and the cutting tool stays in place. Though simple, this manufacturing process can remove larger portions of material quickly. Plus, the drill bit can create precise holes in the workpiece’s centerline.

Lathes are involved in CNC turning to create concentric shapes on the round part’s outer circumference. These shapes can be ring grooves, slots, external and internal threads, shafts, cylinders, and stepped shoulders.

CNC milling

Milling is among the widely used CNC machining techniques where the workpiece is held in place while a spindle rotates a cutting tool. The workpiece is often horizontally held stationary in a machine vise and mounted on a table moving in X and Y directions. Meanwhile, the spindle can hold various cutting tools and moves in X, Z, and Y axes. As such, milling is ideal for CNC prototyping using flat plastic or metal materials. At HLH Proto, we control tolerances to 0.002 for increased precision.

Learn more about these CNC prototyping techniques from us! HLH Proto can even review your project to determine the best manufacturing solution.


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