A Guide to Why Every Industry Needs SLS 3D Printing

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is used in many industries to create components made of ceramics, metals, plastics, nylon, etc. However, due to its comparatively more intricate functioning than other forms of 3D printing, many sectors do not utilize it. 

Notwithstanding, SLS 3D printing has many advantages, making it ideal for industrial applications. So, in this write-up, we have mentioned why every industry should consider this technique in product manufacturing. 


What is SLS?

SLS involves the fusion of powdered materials into solid forms by applying high heat and pressure from a laser beam. The powdered substance; is placed inside the chamber of the SLS 3D printing machine. 

The designers create the desired 3D model on the computer. A slicer software then cuts the model into thin slices. The coding of each slice controls the laser beam, which performs sintering at selective places. After the layer-by-layer coating and sintering, the designers remove the final product to cool and clean it.


What are the Advantages of SLS 3D Printing for which industries prefer it?

There are many reasons why industries should utilize this method.


  • Quick – Laser is high-frequency radiation. Thus, it does not take long for selective sintering to occur. As a result, it makes SLS a fast process, accelerating the production in industries.




  • High Fusion – The adhesion of intermediary layers is high in this method. Thus, all sections of the final product have equal parameters.




  • No Support Structures – The unused powder supports the empty spaces inside the structure. Thus, designers do not need to apply external support structures.




  • Added Benefit for Coloring – Some components may require dyeing after production. In addition, as SLS products are porous by default, coloring becomes easier. 



The Closing Thoughts

SLS is gradually gaining more attention amongst product manufacturers for its durable products. Therefore, we hope that we managed to share the facts for which every industry these days needs SLS 3D Printing.

HLH Proto, one of the leading prototyping companies, is well-equipped to conduct this technique. Their expert professionals create high-quality and durable products using SLS 3D printing. You can view the design guide at their official portal for more details.


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