What is MJF 3D Printing—A Complete Overview

Is MJF 3D printing the right manufacturing technique for you? MultiJet Fusion is just one of many modern 3D printing methods used to create functional prototypes and end-use parts. So, when should you choose it over other options?

A guide to MJF 3D printing

How it works

MJF printing uses an inkjet array to deposit, fuse, and detail agents in a bed of powder material. Like all 3D printing techniques, MJF is an additive process that builds parts layer by layer. And once a layer has been finished, the printer’s build unit retracts to create space for the next layer of material.

After MJF printing, the final product must undergo post-processing. This procedure involves cooling, recovering unused powder, and bead blasting.

Multi Jet Fusion makes use of two types of materials: rigid plastics and flexible plastics. Some examples of rigid plastics include nylon and polypropylene (PP), while thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are considered flexible plastics.

The benefits of MJF printing

  • Speed

MJF is one of the fastest 3D printing methods, even surpassing the speeds of selective laser sintering. Also, the materials used in MJF are easily obtainable, making the process ideal for low-volume rapid manufacturing.

  • Quality

Parts made with Multi Jet Fusion exhibit excellent physical and mechanical properties. This is because the process prints in incredibly thin layers, resulting in a product with low porosity and high density.

In addition, MJF can produce highly isotropic parts with outstanding strength, consistency, resolution, and dimensional accuracy.

  • Reduced waste

3D printing processes tend to generate less waste than traditional manufacturing techniques. Multi Jet Fusion, for example, allows manufacturers to recover up to 50% of the used material, which can be reused for future layers and parts.

Are you planning to use MJF 3D printing for your parts? It’s best to work with an accredited manufacturing services provider in China to ensure the quality and accuracy of your products!


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