SLS Rapid Prototyping by HLH Proto: Perfect for Complex Geometries

Prototypes serve a crucial function beyond aesthetics, as they allow for functional testing and verification of designs before entering end-use production. Selective Laser Sintering or SLS rapid prototyping is a powerful technology that enables the production of functional and visually appealing prototypes with high accuracy and detail. You can get this service from HLH Proto, a leading provider of prototyping services.

Why use SLS?

Selective laser sintering is a well-known industrial additive manufacturing technology that’s extensively used for crafting functional prototypes and production parts. It builds durable and accurate parts from powdered nylon materials, which can either be regular or glass-filled. Using a high-powered laser, the printer selectively sinters the powdered polymer to fuse them into a solid material based on your 3D model. And because of this, it can accomplish parts with complex geometries and overhanging features without needing support structures.

SLS 3D printing is a quick and scalable service, and when you work with HLH Proto, you can expect your parts to be shipped within 3 to 4 days. This could benefit you by allowing you to hasten your design iterations and reduce your time to market.

Cost-effective for building complex shapes

SLS is great for building plastic parts with complex geometries. The process can create challenging shapes and features cost-efficiently. Plus, it’s scalable to meet your manufacturing needs, whether you require one or multiple prototypes.

Versatile for end-use parts

Once you’re ready to move to end-use production, you can still rely on HLH Proto’s SLS rapid prototyping service. SLS is a versatile 3D printing process that can deliver end-use components on demand to increase your throughput.

Print sturdy prototypes

SLS 3D printing mainly uses materials like polyamide 12 (PA 12) or nylon 12, so it can create durable, sturdy, and strong parts. HLH Proto offers PA 12+ glass-filled and PA 12 fibers for building durable parts and complex assemblies that require high environmental stability. You can also ask the team to print with PA 11, carbon fiber-filled, or aluminum-filled nylon.

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