From Prototyping to Production: HLH’s Role in Advancing Aerospace and UAV Technologies

The aerospace and UAV industries are among the most demanding and fast-paced sectors, where businesses and professionals continually seek the fastest ways to innovate and introduce new solutions to the market. Here at HLH Proto, we take pride in our ability to provide rapid prototyping services to these markets. Our range of solutions supports them throughout their product development and production phases, from the time they need prototypes to low or mid-volume production, without compromising quality and fast lead times.

At HLH, we eliminate the complexities of rapid prototyping and end-use production. This allows our clients to concentrate on innovation and design while we handle the manufacturing of their parts using aerospace-grade materials. We also offer weight-saving options through carbon fiber and 3D-printed parts.

How we advance aerospace and UAV technologies

Our years of industry experience allow us to understand the ever-changing demands of the aerospace industry. We also keep updated on the trends influencing the path of the emerging UAV industry. At HLH Proto, we meet and exceed the expectations of these sectors with rapid prototyping services such as:

  • End-use production of low-weight, high-quality, flight-worthy components while ensuring high-precision tolerances.
  • Rapid tooling and manufacturing of jigs, chassis, and brackets using solutions like sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, and 3D printing.
  • Custom small production runs for parts required for repairs or replacement.
  • Custom tooling.
  • Using 3D printing for rapid prototyping of plastic and metal parts.

Looking for a reliable manufacturing partner?

Here at HLH Proto, we have all the solutions you need to advance your technologies and production capabilities, from rapid prototyping services to low-volume end-use production. Request a quote to learn more about the value we can offer to your business. In addition, you can engage our experts for tailored advice, especially when choosing between our 3D printing solutions and other manufacturing technologies.


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