Customization and Quality: Leveraging CNC Milling for Your Projects

If you need a plastic or metal part produced swiftly, CNC machining is a reliable method that can fulfill your needs. You just need to find a reliable CNC milling service that can deliver robust and high-precision prototypes or end-use parts quickly and cost-effectively.

CNC milling creates a part by cutting its shape from a flat plastic or metal material. The process is computerized and automated to minimize human error and finish faster. As such, it brings plenty of potential for customization and ensures high-quality results. Simply provide your CAD to the service provider and pick a suitable material, and the technicians will select the right series of drill bits and tools to cut away at the billet or block of plastic or metal.

There are also things you can do to leverage CNC milling and make the most of it for your projects. Keep reading for tips!

Ensure accuracy and precision.

Take the time to know the tolerances when choosing a CNC milling service. Reputable service providers control tolerances to DIN-2768-1 Medium for plastics and Fine for metals to ensure precise results that are faithful to your CAD model. For CNC milling, the dimensions must be tight as 0.002.

Design your part well.

The cost and overall success of CNC milling can depend on your design, and there are things you can do to keep it affordable and ensure accuracy:

  • Where possible, loosen tolerances
  • Keep it simple
  • Minimize the required number of setups
  • Ensure all features are perpendicular to the six sides
  • Radius internal corners.

Know when to use CNC milling.

CNC machining may be better than 3D printing with certain projects, especially when you require functionally stronger parts. Additionally, you may want to consider a CNC milling service at the mid to late stages of product development, so you can effectively test your parts for functional accuracy.

Get more tips from the experts!

Reach out to the HLH Proto team for more design tips. We can also review your project at no cost to help you decide if our CNC milling service is for you.


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