Crafting Perfection: HLH Proto’s Approach to Injection Molding Prototyping

Injection molding prototyping is a manufacturing process where custom molds are used for making prototypes. At HLH Proto, we often have clients requiring this service during the early stages of their product development process. With high-quality prototypes, they can effectively verify the feasibility, safety, and functionality of their product and verify its aesthetics before moving into mass production.

Unlike other manufacturers, we approach injection molding differently by working closely with every client. This allows us to thoroughly understand their needs and tailor our process to deliver high-precision results, even when the project has a complex design or shape.

Creating the most durable molds

Various factors can impact the success of injection molding prototyping, including the mold. At HLH Proto, we make custom molds based on our clients’ designs using high-quality materials like aluminum and steel. We often recommend steel for low-volume production of identical prototype parts for testing because it lasts much longer than aluminum. But regardless of the material, our process provides the benefits of end-use prototype manufacturing.

Make end-use prototypes

End-use prototyping means the quality of prototypes is similar to that of production parts. Although we deliver production-grade prototypes, we can reduce our client’s manufacturing costs and lead times. The savings are significantly more than what production tooling can provide.

Our technologies

HLH Proto looks into the project requirements to determine the best process for injection molding prototyping. Here are some of our injection molding solutions:

  • Rapid tooling – A cost-effective and quick way to create steel or aluminum injection molds. It suits product concept validation and rapid prototyping requirements.
  • Overmolding – A unique process where we can combine two or more parts. It’s ideal for making multi-layered or multi-color products.
  • Insert molding – A process where components are encapsulated in a plastic part. As such, it’s ideal for designs with holes and threads.

Craft the perfect prototypes with us!

Choose us for your injection molding prototyping requirements to save time and money. Get a quote from HLH Proto today, with a free project review to help you make an informed manufacturing choice.


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