Art of Die-Casting: What Sets It Apart

If you require metal parts or prototypes in larger quantities, there are affordable manufacturing options that can decrease your production time and provide precise outcomes. Die-casting services are a great choice, particularly when you need parts manufactured from magnesium, zinc, or aluminum. You may be wondering: What distinguishes it from other manufacturing services like direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), injection molding, or CNC machining? Continue reading to learn about the process and its advantages.

How die casting works

Die casting follows a similar process to injection molding, but this time, for metals. That means a custom mold will be made based on your part’s design, and it will be installed on the die-casting press. When it’s ready, molten material will be injected at high pressure into the tool cavity. The finished parts can be further processed and finished by anodizing, powder coating, and other ways to meet your requirements.

Different types available

Unlike other manufacturing methods, die-casting services are available in different methods:

  • Hot chamber die casting or gooseneck casting: The most popular method that immerses the injection chamber in molten material, and a gooseneck metal feed system delivers the material into the die cavity.
  • Cold chamber die casting: This casting method may be preferred to reduce the risk of machine corrosion. This time, molten material is directly scooped into the injection system, so the injection mechanism isn’t immersed in molten material anymore.


Your project can benefit from die-casting services if it involves low- to mid-volume part production. Additionally, the process can produce metal parts of complex geometries or unique features and deliver production-grade metal components.


With the right die-casting service provider, you can benefit from an accurate, repeatable, and low-cost process that delivers a good surface finish each time. Plus, there’s access to a range of treatments to customize your part according to specific requirements.

Is it for you?

Learn more about our die-casting services with a project review! Our team at HLH Proto will work with you to deliver metal parts for rapid prototyping or end-use needs.


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