3D Printing for Construction: How to Save Time, Money, and Resources with Additive Manufacturing

At HLH Proto, we take pride in partnering with over 3,000 companies that rely on our comprehensive online additive manufacturing and 3D printing services. With five advanced technologies at our disposal, we specialize in transforming three-dimensional designs into real-world components made of metal, elastomer, and plastic. Our arsenal of over 100 3D printers ensures we can deliver custom parts quickly—often within just a few days. Moreover, our clients don’t need to seek post-processing services elsewhere. We offer them in-house to improve both the mechanical properties and the aesthetics of the printed parts.

Being at the forefront of additive manufacturing and 3D printing solutions in China, we recognize the transformative impact our services have on the construction industry. 3D printing presents a viable alternative to traditional construction methods because it offers significant savings in time and costs. By choosing to work with us, you’ll discover the efficiency and resource savings additive manufacturing brings to your construction projects.

Visualize projects

Are you still building scale models the traditional way? This could take plenty of time and effort and may be prone to human error. You can avoid all these with 3D printing. Revit, ArchiCAD, and other modern architecture software can help you visualize your designs and produce 3D drawings we can produce into tangible models using additive manufacturing technologies like fused deposition modeling and stereolithography (SLA).

Speedy and cost-effective production

Additive manufacturing and 3D printing can significantly reduce production times. At HLH Proto, we have the latest high-speed machines with spacious build chambers that can build an entire assembly in one go. If you need custom functional parts or prototypes in specific materials, like 316L stainless steel, aluminum, or titanium, our DMLS 3D printing service can deliver them soon without the need for tooling.

Minimal waste

Modern construction companies are looking for ways to minimize waste to save money and resources. 3D printing technologies like selective laser sintering (SLS) can help because they use powdered material (PA 12 or nylon). That means unused powders can be saved for other projects. For other technologies, fully automated robotic arms use only the precise amount of materials needed while building parts one layer at a time.

Contact our specialists today to learn more about how additive manufacturing and 3D printing can benefit your current or upcoming construction projects. You may also request a quote so we can price your project and help you decide about choosing HLH Proto as your 3D printing partner!


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